GTL - BMW CSL Groupe 5 par Don Panoz & Friends 2.0

La concurrente de la Porsche 935 en Groupe 5 en 1976. Versions atmo et turbo

BMW CSL Groupe 5



1976, the birthyear of Group 5. Initially only a few cars were built to this specification. Porsche had done their homework and introduced the Porsche 935,while customer teams initially only had the group 4 934 which could be converted into a 934/5.
The BMW Teams were once again forced to use the proven E9 (CSL), which was generously modified according to the new rules. Although the championship remained exciting up to the end, the relatively heavy BMW coupes stood little chance against the 935.

The BMW Factory Team entered races with the Turbo-CSL only on 3 ocasions (Silverstone, Le Mans, Dijon). The car achieved an engine output of up to 800 hp.

Unfortunately, none of the races the Turbo CSL was entered in could be completed. The #21/41 car was especially famous for its role as BMW Art Car. The design was by Frank Stella who decorated the car for racing at Le Mans and Dijon which was also the last race the car was campaigned in.

Players will now have the opportunity to experience both versions of Gr.5 CSL and to determine whether Cooky's masterpiece, the Porsche 935 now has an equal and worthy opponent at its side. The car is not a complete Mod, but rather a variation of the BMW CSL from the game, which was then extensively modified in many ways (3d model, physics, sounds) and now runs as a separate and standalone car. There is no overlap with the standard CSL so that any starting number is possible.
We were able to enter new territory with this project and learn a lot about the interaction of components and tools.


Extraire l'archive BMW Gr5_V1.0.rar dans le dossier principal de GT-Legends et accpeter le remplacement des fichiers existants.
Aucune donnée originale du jeu ne sera modifiée ou supprimée

Les fichiers de l'archive ne doivent pas être modifiés, convertis ou réutilisés sans l'accord des créateurs, à savoir :

  • Kugelporsche : 3D, textures (turbo
  • Hasi 3d, cockpit modifications, roues textures and création des fichiers car, cas etc., etc.
  • DonPanoz : 3d, mapping, fichiers BIK...
  • Ron Zacapa : Physiques


  • Quatrofreak who gave impetus for the car in GTL4U forum,
  • Cooky, who helped us with words and action. He has made the functioning shadow model and much more,
  • DucFreak, who gave permission to use his sounds,
  • SimBin, who created the BMW CSL for the game, giving the basis for our modification,
  • Alonso, who gave us gorgeous pictures,
  • Gordon Dixon from the Altbierbude for extensive and long physics testing and feedback.
  • Philipp for the many suggestions provided (although we could not include them all)
  • The drivers of the GTL4U - League, who tested one of the betas,
  • To all who have supported this thread with patience and dedication, comments and information,
  • the GTL4U team for this great platform to enjoy the fans of Simracing.
  • And of course the Bavarian Motor Works AG for the BMW E9 series.


Version 2.0 (16.11.2012)

Correction de la consommation d'essence et de l'usure des pneus par Ron Zacapa avec l'accord de Don Panoz & Team2

  • Version 2.0