GTL - BorekS mod : Le Mans Classic v.1.0

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    A free car add-on for GT Legends game (SimBin). Contents some kind of
    historic Le Mans racing series cars from late 60s / early 70s.

    This game pack is enhanced with another vehicles yet, which never raced Le
    Mans, but are related to the main car list strongly. Typically with Le
    Mans longtail vehicles are also its shortails available there.


    2D/3D stuff: BorekS, RookieoftheMans, Marco F., tsf2, dbstreet and DonPanoz
    Car physics: deep-strike
    Sounds: NEChris and wolferl, adapted for the cars by deep-strike
    Special thanks to: LooseEther, Altbierbude testdrivers MichaW, Manfred Haupenthal, Terra24, valentinocavrag, Norbert Calenborn


    Ferrari 330 P3/4
    Ferrari 330 P4
    Ferrari 412P
    Ford Mk.IV
    Porsche 907 K
    Porsche 907 LH
    Porsche 908 K
    Porsche 908 LH
    Porsche 917 K (1969)
    Porsche 917 L (1969)

    Lien vers la page de téléchargement du mod :…-add-ons/le-mans-classics


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  • I5 9600k ,nvidia Zotac RTX 2060 6 go Amp édition , 32 go ddr4 et Thrustmaster TS-PC Racer/roue sparco R383.

  • i like the cars i drived ! i ve not drive all the cars yet, but those i did was lovely ! Thank you !

  • A220 bonus car, workig on 3d wheel rims...



    and some early A220 shortail version progress images:




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  • :thumbup: Superbe :bravo:

    I5 9600k ,nvidia Zotac RTX 2060 6 go Amp édition , 32 go ddr4 et Thrustmaster TS-PC Racer/roue sparco R383.

  • J'ai enfin pris un peu de temps pour installer le mod et essayer quelques autos. Comment dire... :sleurp:

    Je ne vois pas le temps passer à enchainer les tours :B

    Il faut revoir ses repères de freinage, parce qu'on arrive vite sur les virages :dingue:

    Et la Ford a un son vraiment méchant, plus course que celui de la GT40 d'origine :+:

    @ BorekS : What a great mod :bravo:I saw a 330P4 at Monthlery some 20 years ago, and this car accelerating was... WOW ! Now I can drive it thanks to you :merci:

    Many thanks to the whole team, many hours of great driving pleasure ahead :hola:

  • :)

    ok guys,

    here is a few very first images of a possible bonus car. Ford GT40 Mk.I "fat back" (1969 Le Mans winner) work in progress.

    the attached image presents first steps of enhanced 3d model overhaul, for a base mesh source serves a GT40 model made by Marco F. originaly for F1C game.

    some noticable visual changes changes:

    * front and rear intakes remodeled / resmoothed

    * side intakes remodeled / resmoothed

    * wheel arch remodeled / resmoothed

    * removed / simplified internal parts (the which would be ingame hardly noticable)

    * added new wheels (not the final ones)

  • thank you, guys ;)

    ok, a small update of the Porsche 917 1969 Le Mans competitor - the GT40 quick paint. not a final paint, just a first uv-mapping test. but I could share... ;)