DIY - [SimuCUBE] Open-source Firmware : progress and discussion

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    I'm assuming you have 48 V power supply.

    The recommendation for Overvoltage Fault Threshold is to set it around HV bus voltage + 1.5 V.

    Good day Guys,

    Well, I did not disappear, by luck Stef Bord notified me on iRacing we now have a new French Forum, I am so happy to now be here again. I though something was wrong with the old forum, and did not realise it is no longer used.

    Anyway, as you all may know, Granite Devices is developing new open-source fw for SimuCuBE, to replace MMoS.

    A small update - this time from my Desktop.

    Please note there are still quite a few things Mika will implement before this is fit for beta release, I am just helping him test a few things in the background very quickly.

    As it sits now, I cannot share the file, so please don't ask. Rest assured it will be ready for beta quite soon!!


    Beano…eano%20Screenshot%201.png">SimuCUBE open source fw alpha test

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  • The new fw will bring support for high-level encoders too.

    Ontop of the analog SinCOS encoders, I am also expecting to see BiSS support in the next IONI FW release, according to Tero.

    So the only thing really missing will be SFD support from the current AKM servos as used in Leo's SS2 wheel. Again, I question if we really need that, as BiSS (and SinCOS) will pretty comfortably exceed the positional accuracy for any given resolution vs what the SFD can a price, of course.

    But anyway, it will open the door for DIY enthusiasts to invest in whatever encoder solution they wish to use, even if it's at $1.5k for the encoder only....

  • Saturday 15 July 2017 alpha 0.22 fw testing notes:

    I couldn't drive with the 53G/ BiSS today, as the servo uses NEMA mounting it seems. I have a bracket that I will probably modify tomorrow. Will give it a good while then.

    I have, however, been murdering the Moocedes GT3 around SPA in iRacing today, got a good few hours in on the alpha 0.22 Mika sent on Friday. Was running with the AKM53K servo with the 40k incremental encoder. No issues whatsoever, tracking stayed true and accurate, even though I tried to induce weird behaviour. Even at max current and torque, it performed flawlessly.

    New IONI fw has a few neat new and enhanced features, and it compliments the OS FW of the SimuCUBE very, very well.

    Considering it is alpha, I have to be honest and say, even this early, I find it outperforms MMoS in terms of latency, as well as improved feel and response. Of course, the AKM53k is a superb servo also, and I luv that I can hit it hard with friction, inertia and damping, changing the complete ffb behaviour, but still retaining huge amounts of fidelity.

    This all without Tero's new special ffb filter - woooo.....good times coming.

    More feedback later, I will do a few more hours testing tonight, but I suspect the base fw is very solid at this point. GUI also working seamlessly with the Simucube fw now, seems Mika has squashed all the bugs I had earlier.

    Laters, have a great one! Glad to be back in French Forums to update you guys also!!


  • Sunday 16 July 2017 alpha 0.22 fw testing notes:

    Well, if that is how good things get in alpha version, what will the final release look like?

    Having been around DD wheels for many years now, yes, even the new SS2 Bodnar, I always believed having a solid hardware foundation is essential for creating a top-of-the-line wheel. Once IONI was created, we needed a decent industrial quality interface board to support it, which we got in the shape of SimuCUBE.

    From the beginning, we discussed with our team at Granite Devices to also release the power of this powerful hardware platform, by moving away from the very capable, but limited, closed-source MMoS software/firmware layer, by releasing an open-source component to realise this vision.

    I can honestly say, strap yourselves in, Gents. I was blown away the moment I activated the new high-speed special effects filter. The AKM53K with 10k PPR incremental encoder, performed the same from a tactile feeling perspective, as my very expensive Bodnar SS2. You want rubber tyres? Racing profile, street or other? You've got it. You can completely tune your wheel to behave the way it suits YOU best.

    The fw performs very well, and that filter, well, will now change the course of DD wheel history. Nothing more to say at this point, note the date down on your calendars. This is not an evolution, but a revolution.

    Sorry, have to run, have to mop up hallway. Drooling all over the bloody place!


  • What is Tero new smart filter?

    It is called the 'SimuCUBE Reconstruction Filter'

    This is a new very special IONI filter that Tero developed: it is sampled at 2,500Hz and allows you to tune the FFB to feel the same as what Bodnar is doing with his SS2. I suspect Leo is using the same methodology, as certainly, over the weekend, I tuned my SimuCUBE setup to perform scarily similar to my SS2.

    This is very helpful to very much enhance iRacing low FFB sampling rate of only 60Hz.

    On Saturday, Mika included this filter setting and the activation thereof into the new GUI, and kindly shared alpha 0.30 FW with me. So I have done around 5-6 hours of running the Moocedes GT3 around SPA, and was top 3 in the GT3 class in all practice sessions, that is how well the wheel is tracking. Bear in mind, I will be a 50-year old fart in 3 weeks, so in younger hands, it will be even better.

    Please note the CAVEAT: I have not tested this new filter yet on the MiGe with either 40k incremental or even SinCOS encoders, this will come soon enough, but instead, I ran this on an AKM53K with 40K CPR incremental encoder. (But I would expect this one to revolutionize your experience, irrespective of servo and encoder used)

    This sort of solution will be anyway pretty close to the servos Leo use, my AKM53K is smoother than SS@ AKM G-series servos, but also have a lower resolution encoder though, whilst Leo is using the Smart Feedback Device on his. I suspect once I mount my AKM53G 53G with 4M CPR BiSS encoder I have, there will be another paradigm shift in performance..... this was the one shown in the pictures earlier above, with 4 million counts per revolution...

    But for now, the new filters, combined with open-source fw, allows you to imitate anything from Argon to Bodnar SS2 and anywhere in between, if you're using SimuCUBE. This should allow almost everyone to tune for the feel they are after, combined with pretty healthy torque-levels.


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  • Hi Beano, I was about to send you a direct link but you are here already! The other forum closure is a great work of bad communication IMHO.

  • Glad to read you back here Phillip !! Thank you for you feedback, looks more than promising for our wheels.

    Let me first quickly translate main ideas for my friends:

    Beano n'avait pas vu pour le swap du forum mais StefBoard l'en a informé. Comme certains le savent et pour ceux à qui j'en avais parlé sur Dircord, Granite Devices travaille sur un nouveau firmware et un nouveau soft "opensource" pour remplacer MMos. Le point crucial de cette nouvelle mouture est de permettre la création de filtres avec un taux d’échantillonnage beaucoup plus performant et donc de permettre un niveau de réglage bien plus fin que ce qui se fait actuellement via MMOS. Tero (GD) implémente aussi la prise en charge de nouveau encodeurs bien plus performant (utilisant le protocole BiSS) ce qui augmentera substantiellement la fidélité de nos moteur.

    Le projet, encore en version Alpha, semble avancer rapidement et bénéficiera d'une version Beta, et donc utilisable par tous, très prochainement, une fois la phase d'optimisation et de debugging achevé. Si j'ai bien compris, Mika de Granite Devices se charge de la partie logiciel et Tero des Firmware IONI/Simucube.

    "Gravitant autour des Direct Drives depuis de nombreuses année maintenant, dont le nouveau SimSteering de Bodnar, j'ai toujours cru que posséder une base matériel solide était essentiel pour créer un volant à retour de force sur le haut du panier. Une fois la IONI créée, nous avions besoin d'une carte interface de qualité raisonnable pour l'exploiter, ce que nous avons obtenu avec la Simucube.

    Depuis le début avec l'équipe de Granite Devices, nous parlons de libérer tout le potentiel de cette puissante plateforme matériel (Simucube) en nous détachant du très pratique mais limité logiciel/FW MMos en créant donc une suite open-source pour réaliser cette ambition.

    Je peux honnêtement dire: attachez vous ceinture les gars! J'ai été époustouflé au moment ou j'ai activé le nouveau filtre d'effet spéciaux à haute vitesse. L'AKM53k avec un encodeur incrémental 10000ppr fonctionnait, du point de vu du ressenti, de la même manière que mon Bodnar SS2 bien plus cher! Vous voulez de la gomme de pneu? Un profil de course, street ou autre chose? Vous l'avez! Vous pouvez intégralement régler votre volant pour qu'il se comporte comme il VOUS convient le mieux.

    Le Firmware fonctionne parfaitement et ce filtre, et bien, va changer l'histoire du volant Direct Drive. Rien de plus à dire jusqu'ici, entourez la date sur vos calendriers. Ce n'est pas une évolution mais une révolution."

  • Now my question: Do you think that we will be able to change the encoder of our lovely Mige with these BiSS protocol and more precise ones? Do you already know some products that could fit?

    I guess that, as we do for the servo, our new mission will be to find the best perfomance/price ratio for a large public product.


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  • Je réponds pour lui Kolwezi... ;)

    Il a indiqué sur le topic Iracing qu'un encoder sincos permettant une résolution au delà de tout ce que l'on peut espérer s'adaptant à nos moteurs sera bientôt disponible pour les MIGE. Par contre c'est un encoder avec son cable sans boitier ce qui veut dire qu'on ne pourra le cacher dans un boitier encodeur comme maintenant sauf à bidouiller et le tarif sera certainement élevé, mais aucun ordre de prix n'a été donné...

    Et pour le ratio prix performance je lui ai indiqué le Hirden... :)

    A savoir que sur son topic ils ont finalement une préférence pour le gros MIGE désormais le 130st15015, son inertie naturelle le rendant plus facile à régler et son rendu lui paraissant également plus naturel que le 130st10010.... Il peut couvrir également un spectre plus large de caisses, quasiment toutes avec ses 27,45Nm max. Mais il ne connaissait pas le Hirden qui au vu de ses caractéristiques est le candidat idéal...

  • Hello Gents,

    Thanx for the welcome, great to be back from old Forum :)

    Kolwezi: There is a kit being put together by Davy Watts over at iRacing for the MiGe. It contains 4M CPR SinCos encoder, and comes with all mounting and adapter hardware also. I have one which I will fit to MiGe and test quite soon. See links for some photos, once Davy opens his web-shop for those, I will post the link!!

    PS: I just note that Kolwezi, Rider63 and myself are all born in August :) I turn 50 this August on the 11th....…n_PM/IMG_1420%20Large.jpg…n_PM/IMG_1421%20Large.jpg…n_PM/IMG_1422%20Large.jpg

    I hope the above helps a bit.



  • Anyway, as to the release of the open source FW, I will also post here the moment we get close to release date! Don't worry, it will not be to long any more!

  • Tout cela est plutôt réjouissant.

    Membre depuis 02/01/2007. Win 10 64 bits.I7 7800X. NVIDIA GF 2080ti 12gb. 2 x 16mb DDR4 . Simucube 2 Pro. Pimax 5k+. Heusinkveld Pro 3 pédales.

  • PS: I just note that Kolwezi, Rider63 and myself are all born in August :) I turn 50 this August on the 11th....

    Here's a first gift in the meanwhile for you Phillip:


    Found the fist member of the perfect band for the occasion:


    No no no, my pleasure, really... :B

  • Nice to read that Davy is already working on a solution, he lead's the "red devils" league i used to run with few seasons ago on iRacing. I just got back an "old" 10010 Mige with a 2500 encoder, good occasion for me to put a hand on one of these encoders.

    Effectivement Stef y'a peut être moyen de placer le hirden en profitant de l'occasion. Je vais regarder ça d'un œil averti d'ici à ce que je me remette à mes boitiers... Nous verrons bien les tarifs que propose Davy pour le kit avec l'encodeur, je le connais le loustic il gère un ligue pour laquelle je roulais en SRF y'a quelques temps, y'aura sûrement moyen de négocier un truc si nous sommes plusieurs...