RaceRoom - Mise à jour du 07-04-2017

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    Hotfix Patch 22.8 Mo

    • Fixed issue where the 2 new released BMW M6 liveries (#19 and #20) were not visible in the menus.
    • Fixed issue where the game client was sending empty password to server regardless of what the player entered when joining a Multiplayer session on a password protected server.
    • Fixed an issue where game was pausing for some players by removing the automatic pause that gets triggered when game loses focus.
    • Fixed issue where spectator clients were not able to join multiplayer servers.
    • Fixed a flag issue where a car that caused the yellow could not be safely overtaken.
    • Disabled blue flag penalties for the moment as certain players were maliciously using it to destroy other players’ races. It will still show blue flag warning but no penalty will be handed.



    - Fixed a memory leak on spectator mode that was causing a crash for the spectator.

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